fusco abrasivi

Fusco Abrasives' Company was born at the end of '50s, selling machines and products for marble and granite processing. In few years, with the continuous market demand, the Company started an own production of magnesite abrasives, very competitive in value quality/price and, in relation to the trade evolution, it continues a path always on the rise, to obtain a valid handmade product. Consistent and attentive to costumer need, the Company owner becomes a leader for all that operated in this sector, thanks to his knowledges taht satisfy every request. In the year 2004, the Company contniues its evolution, moving to a new and bigger building, strenghting the costumers and suppliers relations of seriousness and reliability. Collaborating with the major and important trademarks, it becames the palce of numerous meetings, where costumers, the Company owner and selling partner can meet to know the news and exchange ideas, to improve more and more.

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